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Read each question carefully...the answers to all five questions can be found on this website...answer them to the best of your ability, then type in your name and email address.  Click on SUBMIT.

If you're the highest score this week, you'll qualify for our monthly drawing for a free CD.

In case of a weekly tie, all winners will qualify and a random drawing will determine the monthly winner.

Question One:

Which MTM member artist has been given the nickname "Wilvis" by the MTM staff? 
Name that artist:

Question Two:

An MTM fan has placed a "" bumper sticker somewhere on his body.
Where is it?

Question Three:

Which MTM associate artist took "The Road To Ensenada"?  Name that artist.

Question Four:

What does the Coleman I-Beam Air Mattress sell for?  Name that price.

Question Five:

Which MTM member artist has a voice "as true as Johnny Horton"?  Name that artist.

Tell us your name:

Tell us your email address: